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Feedback & Reflection on draft 2

The feedback I received from my 2nd draft (contents page) were:

  • “I like the white writing with the black outline as it brings it out of the page”
  • “I like how the word ‘contents’ is vertical and in another font, it makes it look original.”
  • “The main cover star is too feathered”
  • “There is a hairband on her wrist which goes against the MES.”
  • “I like the costume, it fits well with the genre.”

Targets for development will be:

  • Try not to feather the star too much as it will start looking slightly messy.
  • Make sure to pay close attention to the use of MES.

A New Improved Front Page

The changes that I made to this version of my magazine was using a smaller amount of fonts, I moved the masthead up slightly to get rid of the space above the word ‘cloud’. I also moved some of the plugs down to space them out, and also to not cover up the main star image, as she is the most important thing on the cover.

2nd Shoot Contact Sheets

These are my contact sheets for my location shoot. The sheet on the left is my good collection of photos and on the right are my bad ones. My aims were to make my models look popular, sexy and seductive. Using these photos in my magazine, will portray the right message that I intend. The reason why the bad photos are bad, are because the stars don’t look the way I want them to.

Early Mock-Ups

This is the layout that I want for my magazine. I did a lot of research on how to structure it properly, and I found some inspiration from the magazine ‘vibe’ which is another R&B magazine.

When actually making these pages in Indesign, I will start to experiment with what looks good, and what doesn’t. This will give me a rough idea of what my magazine will look like.

Draft One – The Front Page

My feedback:

  • ‘Like the picture and the colour scheme.’
  • ‘Like the background, insets, pugs/plugs’
  • ‘Improve on dark fonts clashing with main photo’
  • ‘Be careful when photo shopping hair.’
  • ‘Use more universal fonts otherwise will look slightly messy’.

On the back of this, I know what I can improve on for next time.

  • I know that I should use a smaller amount of fonts
  • Get a better picture so she isn’t closed away from the camera.
  • Make the masthead slightly smaller because I don’t really like the blank space above the word ‘cloud’.