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Audience profiling

This is my analysis of a classical music magazine called ‘BBC Music’. We found out that the target demographic of this magazine is 18-24 year old midland women with a left wing political opinion that have a less than £125 monthly spare. I have realised that it is not just the demographics that is of importance but the psychographics also. From this analysis I now know that if we do something along the lines of this then it will have to be simple, and reference some of the most liked artists and TV shows so that the audience can relate to the magazine more.

This will now impact the way I make my magazine because I now know how to analyse my target audience and now know how to find out what they like to see in a magazine.

The design features of a magazine

Here I have listed the different labels on a magazine cover.  All of the conventional technical design features are so important for a cover; Especially the masthead, pugs, plugs and the main cover star as they entice the reader into buying the magazine, and also makes them want to read more.

In this case, I have done an analysis on ‘Kerrang!’. I have gone into detail about why they are important to a cover. I will make sure to use every single feature to make it more appealing to the intended audience.