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Test Shoots

In this assignment, we were asked to take a camera out and practice different camera and editing techniques to make it easier when we go to shoot our music video for real. I have listed some of the things that went well, and also things that we could improve on.

What went well?

  • We included a wide range of shot distances and shot types. This will help us when editing as we will have lots of material to choose from, therefore preventing the audience from getting bored of what they’re watching.
  • When filming, it was hard to hear the music as it was only coming out of a phone, I tried hard to lip sync as accurately as possible, and this ended up looking quite good when we had finished editing it.
  • The way that I was moving around made the video more interesting. If the video was to be made up of static shots, it would be unsuccessful and boring.


  • We could have included some filters to make the video look a little bit more interesting. The video is recorded in natural light and we didn’t change this, therefore making it look quite boring and unrealistic.
  • I would have liked to have used some slow motion shots on the “hey, yeah” lyric as its very important and we didn’t establish the significance of the line.
  • At 0.08, I am looking slightly confused. This obviously wasn’t intentional and we had obviously run out of material so we were just trying to get something in the blank space to fill it up.
  • The mise-en-scene is completely off also. As we had filmed it during school time, I didn’t have any costume or makeup that would be convenient for this song.

Pitch and Feedback

From what Mrs. Cobb said, these are our targets:

  • Film 2 performances in the studio, one with the mask, and one with her as a performer we can see, with complex make-up, or mad hair.
  • Have to make visuals very different
  • Film the performance and see where it takes us with the narrative, try to make it more abstract
  • See if you can use anywhere apart from the studio as there is not much space.

Song Short List and Moodboards

For this project, I am working with Jordan Malschinger. I am Very pleased about this as Jordan is a hard working team member and is easy to get along with and has many ideas that we can both benefit from. In our lesson, we were all asked to present our pitches to the rest of our groups. I was excited to see Jordan’s ideas, and was pleasantly surprised about what he had come up with.

This is Jordan’s pitch:

Although I don’t listen to this genre of music, Jordan’s ideas interested me and made me picture some of the ideas in my head. I liked the choice of shot types and ideas for the narrative side of the music video. We had similar ideas when it came to the end of the video as we both wanted the story to build as the song built. I especially liked this idea because it would be so effective for any genre, and I would hope to use this strategy in my own music video.

Perfect Production Group

This is my group agreement. I will be working with Jordan Malschinger. I am excited to work with him as he is a very strong group member, and works well in a team.

With this document, we are now committed to this project and are aware of the strengths and weaknesses that we could face.  I am so excited to get stuck into this project.

Evaluation of Previous Students Music Videos

This is my chosen music video. It has great representation of what a good music video should look like. You can tell that the producers had lots of fun making this as its very entertaining and used many different skills in order to achieve their intended reaction from the audience.

Mise En Scene

As the producers of this music video wanted to achieve an Indie Folk genre, they perfected the conventions for a generic music video for their genre. Their costumes indicated that it was set during the summer and this was consistent through the whole video. The use of bright colours portrayed the summery vibe excellently and shows that the characters are friendly and get on with each other well. The props were chosen well and again, heightened the friendships between the three characters, and this also fitted it with the summery vibe also. As mentioned before, the way that they expressed the Indie Folk genre was also noticed by me when they used the Polaroids. This certainly made me confident that it is the specific genre as it fits in well with being an Indie Folk music video, this didn’t confuse me at all as they were amazingly consistent throughout the entire piece.

Framing a shot 

The composition of the shots helped when showing how hard the producers worked on this video. It especially impressed me when they showed the relationships between the three characters. The whole video ran smoothly, and there weren’t any parts of the video that I thought they could have improved on. The success was consistent as they portrayed the genre very well also. You could definitely tell that it was an Indie Folk band.

Holding a steady shot 

I could tell that the group weren’t using a tripod for the majority of this video as the video featured lots of fast paced activities and would be challenging to use. As they used the DSLR hand held, it would be easy for the group to have a shaky shot, but they didn’t. They executed this shot perfectly, getting a wide range of angles and distances so the audience could understand the narrative of the music video. This was a very successful section in the video, despite facing the challenges of not being able to use a tripod.

Variety of shot distances

This group successfully used a wide range of shot distances. They experimented with long shots, close ups, extreme close ups, moving shots, rule of thirds, symmetrical shots, leading lines, two shots, pans and mid shots to portray their intended narrative of the video. One of my favourite shots that they used was a rule of thirds shot at 1:13. The three girls are stood at the ocean edge just skipping stones. This shot is effective and straight forward. It successfully portrays the three girls’ relationship with each other which obviously played a huge part in their video.

Appropriate to task

The group decided to go for an Indie Folk genre. This wasn’t hard to misjudge as the conventions for a typical music video of this genre featured everything in this video also. This music video was appropriate to the task and was a pleasure to watch.

Editing for meaning

I especially found the editing to be most effective in this music video. It was smooth and had perfect match-on-action. Nothing seemed out of place and looked very professional. Both narratives fit well together as they both followed the same sort of vibe. They both followed a happy mood, which would reflect back onto the audience, therefore making them feel happy and engaged with what they’re watching.

Shot transitions

The shot transitions were very clean and neat. Nothing seemed off or ill-fitting, although, to represent a happy mood, they could have had a bit more fun with the transitions. Other than this, I felt that the video was cut nicely and professionally. The jump cuts being in sync with the drum, created a really nice effect towards the audience and I. It has really inspired me and I would hope to use this method in my own video as it worked really effectively.

Sound with images

In my opinion, timing the sounds in the song with the actions from the star or the band is very difficult in order to get it spot on. The producers of this video, however, executed this well and made it realistic. Playing the instruments worked well and was perfectly in time, and creating a sense of rhythm.

Music Video Form & Conventions

Here I have analysed 6 different music video. This task helped me to learn how each music video has a narrative side (story) and a performance side (singing to the camera). Each video features different conventions in order to portray different characters’ personalities and the part that they play in the story. I know I will take great care when doing my own music video, making sure to add every little bit of detail in order to get across my intended effects to the audience.