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Evaluation of Web Design Application

To begin our website on WIX, we found this drop down menu on the left hand side of the screen. This allowed us to experiment with different fonts and sizes of text. It also gives you the opportunity to add in images of your star, allowed you to insert videos, social media accounts and a store that will help you to convey your star image and brand to your target audience, and also allows your audience to follow your star and keep up with what they are getting up to.

Once we had done this, we added in different pages to communicate the uses and gratifications. In this case, it is information about our star. We included a home page which included the most important information about her, like her mission statement,. some of her best photos and a link to her music video. Jordan and I linked the songs on her albums to the ones on YouTube, as we used real song names. We have created a gallery where we put all of her photos that would convey her as a brand the best, and had them all in one place so that it will easier for the audience to access her photos. We have also included a tours page, where we have linked it to TicketMaster so that her fans can go onto the website, click on the link and are able to buy tickets to her shows. This makes it easier and is such a good way to advertise and make money for the star. lastly we have included a contact button where consumers are able to make contact if there are any inquiries.

Production Skills evaluation 3

When creating my DigiPak, I have acquired plenty more skills in Photoshop and Indesign and have found both pieces of software to be easier to use, which then allowed me to create a DigiPak that was suitable for my target audience.

Here I have used the Camera Raw Filter, which helped me to make the colours look so bold and bright. Without this, the photo would look bland and boring and wouldn’t help to convey our genre.

Here is what the DigiPak looked like after we added the filter. As you can see, it looks bolder, brighter and shows the electronic genre through the use of the neon colours.

When Jordan and I weren’t really sure with what we wanted to do with our DigiPak, we started experimenting with the paint brush tool to try and come up with some ideas. We decided that this did not give our DigiPak the overall look that we wanted it to have, and did not look very professional. It also didn’t convey our genre very well, therefore would not appeal to our target audience.

Feedback on Mock-Ups and Targets

Here I have made a tally chart, listing 8 different genres and 6 different vibes. We asked a few people that did not know what genre our DigiPak was, what they thought by ticking two vibes and two genres. The majority of people, as you can see, chose electronic  as the genre, and quirky and alternative as the vibe. This was what we wanted the audience to take from our Digipak, and it means that we picked out the images that best suited our genre. Now, we just need to refine those ideas and put them into something we make, as opposed to being from the internet.

Our Mission Statement

A mission statement is defined as a short statement that identifies someone’s goals and what kind of product or service or product it provides. It is important to have a mission statement because it gives us a clear focus of what we are aiming for in the future. It is extremely important for integrated advertising, which is a combination of many media resources (including traditional media and online marketing). The mission statement helps to give a focus so that it is easier to brand the performer to the public via integrated marketing, and to establish an overall brand to consumers. It also provides a basis for continuity between ‘Kezra’ products.

Jordan and I researched the demographics of an artist similar to ours, to find out who our audience will be, and to find out competition, all in an attempt to find a unique selling point, which is that SBTRKT (the real performer) is a DJ that makes all of his own beats, whereas Disclosure, Rudimental and Flume (three similar artists) have help from other sources. We have found out that we need to market for women between the ages of 18 and 24, and that we can advertise to them through integrated marketing, being on social media, or as an ad on their favourite TV show or so on.

Our Mission Statement is:

“Kezra is a new, cutting edge artist. Kezra is the new scene of electronic music, boasting her unique beats and unreal singing style. Influenced by the progression of electronic music and dance music since her early age, she has grown massively over Soundcloud. She produces the beats herself, and then sings over them, in a style that is growing rapidly.”


Production Skills Evaluation 2

This is a screenshot of our progress on Premier Pro and After Effects. Lenny Lenfesty, who works in the industry and uses Premiere Pro and After Effects on a daily basis came in to our school to give us some tips and show us how to do some things that we didn’t know how to do. This was really helpful because for us, we wanted Grace’s eyes in some shots to be animated blue to reflect the colour of the mask and to add significance throughout. Lenny helped us do exactly what we wanted. He showed us that using different strokes can affect the way that it looks, and how to position the blue so that is was just her eye shown in blue. We think this adds a very original effect to our video, and from feedback from our teacher and from peers it reflects this way too. We are trying to use this again in our video, as we like it so much.

Barthes created the ‘action code’ which is something that makes the video move along. And because her eyes changed to blue, we were able to convey to the audience that she is possibly as evil as Bilal, because at the end of the video, she kills him. We had this idea right from the very beginning, and we are pleased that we finally have been able to accomplish this as it creates another layer of meaning to our music video. A huge thanks to Lenny for showing us how to do it.

Production Skills Evaluation 1

During the making of this project, I have picked up a significant amount of skills on InDesign. At the beginning of this project I had little to no knowledge about editing and making my work look professional, but as I started to get tips from my peers, teachers and online videos, I started to get more comfortable with the tools and effects. During this term, you can see my progression from the first draft, till now.

As you can see, I have experimented with an effect called VR Glow. This just gives the clip a flash of light which I liked. We dragged the effect onto the clip to see what it would do. We changed the settings (on the left hand side of the picture) and just increased the intensity of the flash. We have included this in another shot of Bilal so there is some consistency in the video, and it doesn’t look like we have just inserted an effect for the sake of it. This reinforces the narrative that he is mysterious, and creepy. This effect in particular added to his mysterious persona, which works well for us because we wanted to make this character as macabre as possible.

Another effect that I really like, is this one called ‘lens flare’. This effect gives the video a really nice atmosphere, and use of lighting. It contrasts really nicely with the rest of the video as the majority of the video has a lot of low key lighting, to give it a creepy atmosphere. I adjusted the placement of the flares, making them further away from each other, so they weren’t blocking her face. This was such a simple effect but it gives it such an amazing finish. This effect makes the star look innocent which is what we want the audience to feel, so the end of the video is a shock to them.