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So how did it go?

Making my magazine has been difficult at times but overall I am very proud of my final pieces. At the start of the assignment I was unhappy with the quality of my work because I thought that I could do so much more than I did. After getting advice from my peers, I gradually got more and more advanced in Indesign and Photoshop. I started experimenting with many more tools and techniques and proved to myself that I could make my work to the standard that I know I would be proud of when looking back at it.

Looking back at my previous documents and drafts, it’s amazing how much progress I have made during the process of making my magazine. I had made so many changes to all of my drafts until I was completely certain that is what I wanted it to look like.

I am so excited to start my new project as I know this time I will keep on top of my work and make every piece of work to the highest standard I can. I am now able to take the skills I have learnt from this project into my next one, and this gives me much higher hopes that I will succeed.

So… How’s it going?

After my progress in making my music magazine, I feel comfortable using the different software and techniques to make my work the best standard possible. I have had a few problems and have added last minute changes to my magazine, which did put me to some disadvantage. But after powering through, I am very pleased with the way that my magazine has turned out.

I have enjoyed the photoshoots and the amazing feeling you get when you have taken the perfect photo. I have also enjoyed writing about my work because I can reflect on my own work myself, which will then help me when creating future pieces of media.

Overall, I think that my magazine definitely fits the style of R&B music, and I am proud of the way it has turned out. Throughout my blog, you can see my progress and positive changes to my magazine. I have responded well to m,y feedback given, and acted upon it to make my magazine the best I can do. I feel like I have worked really hard to achieve the criteria and I hope I can keep it up during my next projects as a media student.

Design Skills 2

When doing this task, I learnt some more skills that will help me to improve my work further. This included improvements in Photoshop and Indesign skills.

My contents page was not at the standard that I would like it to be. As you can see, the main photo is slightly boring as I didn’t change the filter to make it stand out or to make it different to the original picture. After this. I decided to change the main image, font and the entire layout. I did this by using the select tool on Photoshop  to cut out the new photo.

I learned how to change the fonts and colours in Indesign. After learning this, it made my contents page and my double page spread look a bit more professional. When working on my double page spread, I learnt how to wrap the text around the images because I didn’t like the way that the text overlapped the images. I did this by making a template using the pen tool in Indesign and typing my text inside it. I could then manipulate it and make it look the way I wanted it to.

When using Photoshop, I experimented with colours and filters to make my models look more interesting and to fit in with the genre of R&B. I used the Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop and adjusted the settings to make my model look tanned and energetic. This helped to infer her star image of popular, wealthy and attractive, and furthermore help portray my genre of R&B music.

On Photoshop, I also learnt how to enhance the photo and make it look clearer so that when I edited it on Indesign, It would look a lot better. I did this by also adjusting the Camera Raw Filter on Photoshop, especially the exposure and temperature of the picture.

After learning these skills, I will use them in my future pieces of media, making them to the best ability as possible.


Design Skills 1

When in the process of making my magazine, I picked up a lot of new skills that will definitely help me when making other pieces of media in the future. I really enjoyed seeing my finished pieces despite some of the difficulty I approached in the making.

I am proud of my progress when using Photoshop and InDesign. I think I conveyed my intended star image, by making her look sexy and promiscuous, but elegant.  I used the quick selection tool on Photoshop to cut her out, and I had some help by watching YouTube videos, talking to others and simply looking for inspiration. Without these resources, I don’t think my finished pieces would be to the standard that they are.

Here I am going to show you the progression of my work in the making. In some of these images and screenshots, you will be able to see my progress, with the ups-and-downs, but also seeing that in the end, my hard work will have paid off.

Here I am showing the progress of my contents page. I was having some trouble when moving things in order to be able to see everything.

This is my finished front cover. After having a lot of struggle with Photoshop, I was very proud with the finishing piece because I was able to convey the genre of R&B by her looking slightly distant, yet approachable.

When I took this photo, I knew from the first time I looked at it i wanted it in my magazine. I used the quick selection tool to cut them out to create a focused mid shot of the characters to represent the narrative of their love affair for my star image. In all honesty, this was one of the easiest pictures to Photoshop. This was because I had become quite good at using it by watching video, and getting tips from other people.

So… I am ready to photograph my star.

After using MES, I have started to become clear on why and how we use it. When starting out on this task, I had a strict idea of the message I wanted to portray as the creator of this R&B magazine.

For this, I will use:

  • A range of camera angles
  • Different lighting techniques
  • A change of costume
  • Props
  • Different poses
  • Props

When including these different elements and playing around with all of them, I would hope to achieve the correct MES  that I am aiming  for. This would be to:

  • Make my model look flirtatious
  • Make her look very feminine
  • To reflect the R&B genre

If I achieve my initial aims, I will be very proud of the work I had put into making this music magazine.

So… I’m ready to make some media!

As we are getting prepared to create our own music magazine, I will definitely take on some of the skills that I have learnt. Such as:

  • Creating a story
  • Choosing the right font, colours, sizes of images etc…
  • Choice of words and phrases

Something that I am setting myself as a target would be to have a bit more confidence in myself and to have some patience with editing. Going out and getting some practice in editing and using the camera has really helped with being as creative and original as possible. I really hope that my knowledge from this term is evidenced in my work in the future.

So… How can an image communicate meaning?

When I had a lesson to experiment with different shot types, angles, distances and lighting, I discovered how an image can create meaning. For example, there is a picture of me with a high angle shot. This will connote that I am superior and dominant compared to the point of view of the camera. This example can be associated with many different types of angles.

  • High angle: shows weakness or vulnerability.
  • Low angle: shows importance or dominance
  • Canted angle: shows edginess and weirdness.
  • Long shot: gives the entire story.
  • Mid shot: to concentrate on the main character.
  • Close up: to show a characters reaction.

When practicing mise-en-scene, we found out that lighting was really important. It really enhanced the different connotations of a picture. For example, high key lighting gives the impression that a character is innocent, youthful, precious, kind and attractive. On the other had, low key lighting gives quite an opposite effect. It shows that a character is depressed, unimportant, evil and suspicious.

Setting plays a huge part in mise-en-scene. For example, when taking a shot of a scene in the 1900’s, you couldn’t have the characters on mobile phones or have modern technological props in the background, as it does not fit in with the time period, therefore will be giving the wrong idea of the scene.

Costume also has a huge responsibility when trying to achieve the intended audience response. For example, if a character was wearing a white dress, you would automatically think she/he is sweet and innocent. On the other hand, if you saw a character wearing black boots, with a long black jacket, you would automatically think she/he is rebellious or mischievous.

This will help me in the future because I have understood the importance of using mise-en-scene to create meaning. Things like costume, hair, makeup, lighting and camera angle can have a huge impact on the entire image. I will use these new skills to challenge the audience when viewing my magazine