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Evaluation of Shoot or Graphic Design


My shoot for the DigiPak was successful. This was because we had acquired lots of differenr shots and angles, and had directed our model to be in different positions in order to help convey our edgy and quirky star image.

Here are the contact sheets for our shots that we collected in our shoot. Jordan and I really liked the shots where the neon lights was most prominent over the star’s face.

Jordan and I realised that we didn’t have enough variety of distances and most of the shots looked the same. We also maybe could have done a few more shots, just so we had more to choose from and manipulate in editing.

DigiPak Draft 1

Please click on image to view PDF

This is my first draft of Jordan and I’s DigiPak. Below is a ScreenCastify from our teacher. I have listed the things that she liked and the things that she thought we could improve on.

Our teachers positive feedback:

  • She liked the projections on the face
  • Prefers the back image to the front image and thinks we should switch them around
  • Likes the font on the back
  • Likes the inside panes

Our teacher’s negative feedback:

  • The font at the bottom of the front page is difficult to read. We accidentally put the text too far to the right on the bottom, and the word is SBTRKT (pronounced ‘Subtract’).
  • Need to add in a spine, barcode and copyright information.
  • Should wrap the text in and around the chevron, to see what it would look like.
  • Front and back needs a consistency in colour.
  • One of the names of the songs should be the name of the album.

We will use the feedback and apply it to the next draft of the DigiPak.


Previous Students Work

This Digipak was created by Victoria Duquemin last year. I have chosen this one in particular because there are so many things that caught my eye, and I thought it really represented her genre in a lot of detail.

I will be assessing the Digipak from the assessment criteria below:

The camera angles and photoshop was used to make the images look more conventional to the genre. For example, the front cover (bottom right) has been photoshopped to make the brand of the band easier to pick out and make it more recognisable to people who listen to that genre of music. The contrasts of the colours work well also, allowing every bit of the image stand out, contributing to showing the audience the star’s image and the genre of the album cover. Victoria also used photoshop to create the hooks hanging down in front of the star’s face. This helps to carry out the calm, beach theme throughout every side of the Digipak cover. The use of soft colours like grey and blue, create a really nice contrast as they reinforce the calm and serine vibe by choosing very calm colours that also looks nice against each other. The images were chosen to specifically refer back to the name of the band, therefore carrying out the theme, and making it very ascetically pleasing.

Mise En Scene is used through the Digipak to convey their intended meaning. The use of the blue, grey and white will help to convey the beach theme throughout, and will help make the entire DigiPak aesthetically pleasing for the audience. Setting is another factor that will help convey the genre to the audience. For example, they have carefully taken the name of the band (catfish and the bottlemen) and carefully placed images of catfish and bottles on the covers. This was an easy way for them to create a universal theme throughout their DigiPak and clearly show the audience what genre and vibe it is. They haven’t really included much of a costume on the model, but the minimalist use of it works as the model looks like he has just come off of a beach, which works with the genre as well. The use of props work nicely, for example, the fish hooks help to connote the artists vibe, as well as continuing the beach theme.

The words and the fonts used are very simple and small, but gives the audience the information that is needed on a DigiPak, without clashing with the other things on the cover. Again, they have used white writing, and have continued the colour scheme throughout every side of the DigiPak. The back cover with the lists of songs on it also are very small and slight but they are straight to the point and tell you the song names as soon as you read it.

Lastly, the colour scheme is the same throughout the entire DigiPak which makes it look professional and uniformed. The blue, white and grey is used to convey a calm, ocean and beach theme. This refers to the title of the album also and helps convey the genre throughout. I would give this DigiPak a level 4 as all of the images and colours work together well and has the beach theme running through it on every side of the cover. It also represents the artist and the album appropriately.

After analysing this piece of work, I now know what I have to do to make my DigiPak as good as this one. I now know how to link my ideas together to create a solid genre running throughout my DigiPak. I also know what to do in order to achieve a level 4 in my own work.

Contact Sheet

This is the first half of our contact sheets. We have experimented with a slow shutter speed and some coloured lights. Jordan and I are really impressed with how it turned out and have many more ideas as to how we can convey our genre of our Digipak.

DigiPak Photo Mock-Up

Jordan and I created a DigiPak using relevant pictures we found on the internet that we thought would fit our genre. As you can see, we went for some really colourful pictures that features a lot of neon  to give it a very electronic feel to it. We have chosen this because we thought it conveyed our genre clearly and appealed to women as we used feminine colours due to what we found when we researched the demographics of our product.

Jordan and I made a tally chart of about 10 different genres and asked people, from just looking at our DigiPak, what genre they thought it was. the majority guessed electronic music.  we also asked what kind of vibe they thought it gave. the majority guessed either alternative or quirky which is the vibe that Jordan and I were going for. This chart will be in the post “Feedback on Mock Up and targets”.

Digi Pak Moodboards

Here I have created a mood board online, which features all of the images and fonts similar to what I want in my own DigiPak. It is common in the genre of electronic music to have neon light and black light. This will appeal to our target audience as these pictures are edgy and quirky, as well as being completely eye catching. The font of the words “no escape” helps to convey our performer and and style of music and it reinforces the idea that is it edgy and alternative. The style also helps to connote love, lust and insanity.

Here I have made a hand crafted moodboard from different materials and textures to try and bring out my genre even more, and to make it more clear for Jordan and I to understand. We decided that we want yellow and red to be the main colours throughout our DigiPak so it creates continuity for the consumers of our product, so people would associate those colours with our star.

DigiPak Conventions Analysis

DigiPaks are another example of media which feature symbolic codes, and convey different ideas so the audience can understand the conventions of that artist. Here I have made a presentation of when I decoded an album cover of my own choice from the same genre as the one I am focusing on. Electronic music. I have discussed why the artist has used the types of texts, fonts, colours and images to convey their genre, but also listing down the basic conventions of an album cover.