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My copy of a professional magazine front page

This is my copy of Paramore’s issue of NME magazine cover made in the app In-design and Photoshop.

My strengths for this task were:

  • Using different text boxes and fonts.
  • Experimenting with different photos.
  • Resizing photos to match the original photo

My weaknesses were:

  • Finding a photo that wasn’t too small.
  • Cutting out  a photo in Photoshop.
  • Being able to transfer the images from Photoshop to in-design

Here are a few videos that helped me to make my own cover:


Lick & Stick Mock-up

The cover star is clearly the most prominent. In this case, she is the main star as she is the lead singer of the band, therefore she is the most eye-catching thing on the cover.

The main cover line is also very large and will catch your attention. In this case, it is pink with a bold font. This reflects the genre of the magazine and the people on the front.

The Masthead will be the most important thing on a magazine. It is the title of the magazine itself.

And I tried to reinvent this using post-it-notes.

The Camera Talks…

(Please click on the image to view)

These images that I have chosen were in my opinion, the ones that came out the best. These were the best as I can tell a story through the images. The hashtags reflect the the story that I intended to convey. I especially like the middle photo as it conveys peace and freedom which I think is a beautiful message.

I have learnt the importance of using MES to communicate meaning and a story. I will focus a lot on using this technique when making my own music magazine and other pieces on the blog.

Technical Camera Terms

I experimented with different camera angles, distance from the camera, movement and shot types such as high angles, canted angles, close ups, long shots and two shots. Some photos didn’t have the intended effect I was looking for. Specifically img_4078 and img_4141. They were over-exposed and sometimes blurry. Although, some photos did come out the way I wanted them to. I am especially proud of img_4130 and img_4128. I like the way that these images have lots of connotations and are overall appealing to the audience.

This will definitely help me when I have to make my own magazine as I can now understand how to fix an image. If either it didn’t turn out right or how to direct the models in a way that will give the intended connotations.

Print Media communicates meaning

This poster analysis is a perfect example of how every picture tells a story. I had learnt this by decoding my choice of picture. I learnt about how to attract the audience, and this helped me to understand how to use relevant pictures, fonts and colours for the purpose of the target audience.

As you can see, I picked up on the significant font, and most obviously, the picture in the centre. When deconstructing the image, I know that when I create my own music magazine I know how to use the correct colours, images and fonts to make it relevant to my target audience.

So…. I’m a ‘Media Prosumer!’

I use media everyday. It is a huge part of my life as it is most people of all ages. I tend to use all of these types of media everyday, some more frequent than others. As you can see, they all fit into different types of media from all different genres. Media is everywhere and will continue to influence many people’s lives all over the world.

I now know why different media is used and why it is put into different categories. I also understand the technical words used to describe different categories of media. This will help me when I design my own media. I would like to catch the target audience’s eye, and maintain their attention. When I make my music magazine, there will be elements of entertainment, education, a way that people can express their personal identity.

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