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Flow Chart and Preferred Template

This is a flowchart I made in order to help me understand how our website is going to work. The website will first start out out on the home page, which will include my music video, the DigiPak and a biography on our star, Kezra. From this page, you are able to navigate yourself around the website and find information about her music, when her tours are, and links to her social media. These pages will then take you to more in detail links to pages that are specifically about the topic that you had clicked on. Creating this flow chart has allowed Jordan and I to easily understand the layout of our website, and will allow us to create it to the best standard it can. We have decided to use WIX because I found that it was easy to use and it has a template that I would prefer to use that looks like the one that I have designed here.

Website Terminology

Here are some terms that I have learned about a website so far. I researched my artist and saw what they included in their websites. This will benefit me as I now know what I have to include in my own website.

Some things that are conventional in a website are also conventional in a music magazine, which made this assignment easier to understand. For example, a website has a leader board, which is similar to the masthead in a magazine, and a website features a hero shot, which correlates to the photo of the main star in a music magazine.