Conventional design features of a magazine

In this poster, there are many annotations to be made to understand each component, such as: 

  • Plug
  • Pug
  • Masthead
  • Captions
  • Main Cover Star
  • Cover lines
  • Barcode
  • Issue/date
  • Price
  • Inset

These effects show what attracts the audience against all the other magazines. The cover of the magazine is very important to show whats inside the magazine, to attract the audience to buy it. These effects can show a clear example and introduction to the type of magazine that it is (theme) so that the audience knows if they would like it or not. For example, I love pop music so if I saw a rock music magazine I would be able to tell by these affects which would push me away from it whereas the pop music magazines would drag my attention to it because I already have an opinion on it.

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