So… How can an image communicate meaning?

How do I tell the story?

When talking about this in class, we are usually told to think about the technique CLAMPS to show mis-en-scene in your photo. CLAMPS uses the following features:

  • Costume
  • Lighting
  • Acting and Proxemics
  • Makeup and hair
  • Props
  • Setting 

CLAMPS uses the key features of mis-en-scene such as facial expression, props, setting and more. When using these features you must make sure they are appropriate for what you want the audience to see. For example, if someone was supposed to look like an old lady and worse modern clothes with no special makeup effects to change her facial features, this would give the audience the wrong impression. You must make sure that you portray your story correctly. 

The use of camera is also very important to create the story as different camera angles show different things. For example, a nigh angle view shows it from a powerful point of view looking down on someone vulnerable and innocent. If the point of view is coming from someone who isn’t powerful or intimidating, then the camera does not work with the story.

For example: 

Scenario- An old, scared lady being intimidated but a teenager.

The old lady must be seen from a high angle to show that she is smaller and she must be wearing older fashioned clothes. Th old lady must also portray a worried and anxious facial expression. The intruder must be wearing more modern and fashionable clothing. The intruder must also show an angry and scary facial expression to contrast with the old lady. 

I think that this analysis will show in my work now as I will be able to use these camera angles and use of CLAMPS to portray a good story in my media. 

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