Audience Profiling

Audience Profiling

During this post we used the website which tells us all the demographics of the music magazine cover. This website shows different demographics such as what gender listens to them, what gender listens to them and what else does the audience listen to besides that music artist.

Using this website, we used the demographics to annotate our own music magazine we had been given. We included as much information as we could find out. My music magazine was ‘Q’ and I decided to get a range of results by choosing another one of their magazines, from a different artist, to see how much they differentiate.

I found found out that the magazine ‘Q’ is a a middle/lower class magazine. The artists seem to be the sort of artists that would be in the charts, and still very trendy. The audience is mostly younger (millennials) and the gender is mainly both, which shows that the musical genre is not gender specific. By all the research, the people that read this magazine are usually fun going individuals. The magazine ‘Q’ has a a specific colour scheme with mainly a grey background and always hints of red text to match the logo. This matched the audience as a lot of the audience is young and fun which links to the pop of red, but also grey background makes it more subtle so that older generations read it too.

The 1975 show a lower class type of magazine and Ed Sheeran shows a higher class. The artist I’m focused on is The 1975, as it seems to be in the middle of class range of the magazine, whereas Ed Sheeran could easily be seen in a higher class magazine. The statistics from The 1975 really reflect on ‘Q’s type of audience.

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