Language Analysis

James Lavelle

In the magazine article, James Lavelle, I will be analysing to understand the way it was written and why it was written in that certain way. This will help me when I’m writing my own article and to make the audience understand the deeper meaning of it.

To start off with the structure, the double page spread is structured out very well. On one full A4 page is a close up shot of Jame Lavelle and the other A4 page has a title filling up half the page of the name. This is demonstrates how important this artist is to the magazine and article. It is good for the audience too, so they know exactly who the article is about without reading. If customers love this artist you are guaranteed the will read the whole article. The article is also laid out in three columns which is more pleasing to look at meaning the audience is more likely to read it. I think the small use of the colour red has been used well also as it brings out the most important part of the magazine.

The first paragraph in the article, also known as a stand first, has multiple points to pick up on. In this stand first, we come across a metaphor “visionary lightening rod”. This metaphor is describing himself as a “visionary lightening rod”. Being a lightening rod suggests that things are attracted to you. The word visionary suggests thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom. This suggests that he is attracted to planning out his future and how to live a good life. This metaphor was used in the stand first to drag in the audiences attention and persuade them to continue reading.

The first think you hear about is his 24th birthday party with a big company working of Noel Gallagher, Richard Ashcroft, Ian Brown and more. He also said he was with an “Everest of cocaine” in which he explained that he had “a fucking amazing night”. The swearing really emphasises how good his night was. After Mo’ Wax died, the fun and games ended it as he had to quit his company whilst being in £270,000 of debt. Throughout this article we learn that James Lavelle is quite the risk taker and people question why he still does what does even after his tough financial situation. He obviously loves what he does and wouldn’t want to let that go. I think he sees himself as an eye opener to those who have talents so that they start to take more risks and stop worrying about the future ahead. I have taken away from the article that his motto is to live life to the fullest, always in the moment and never the future.

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