What is a Contents Page?


Contents Page Layout Sketch:

I like the look of the first draft as it shows photos in the form as an old fashioned photo strip. I haven’t ever seen a contents page like this which suggests to me that the audience will be more intrigued by this design. The second design looks formal and shows big titles, which is a key feature in any contents page. This will attract the audience by its classic design of a contents page with a slightly more formal aspect to it. The third draft shows a unique style which seems to be more fun and decorative. This would more likely to be used in a less formal magazine, which suggests that I wouldn’t use this design for my contents page, but I think in another magazine it would work well. Out of all the designs, my contents page is most like the first draft. I listed my page numbers and included a big photo like the draft. I think this was a sensible choice for my contents page as it was not too laid back but not too formal.


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