Production Meeting Agenda For 2nd Photo Shoot and Risk Assessment


I made this google slides and shared it with Laura. She managed to find a red summer dress which went well with the pink coat. I also pared some black boots with her outfit. She decided to have straight hair which went well.

Here is a link to my Risk Assessment:

This was vital so that our teacher new where we were at all times and any risks that may occur.

Design Skills 1

Design Skills 1

What new design skills or production techniques have you learnt?

I have learnt many new design skills which have helped me create my front cover and my double page spread. These are such as blending two photos together by using a linear gradual opacity.

I have also learnt to use black, white and a primary colour as it makes your front cover very bold and works well together.


  • The colours worked super well together
  • The jazzy vibe comes through the magazine as I wanted
  • I like the overall design and layout
  • I think he is a great size on the page


  • Trying out more effects
  • using tutorials to help make a cool background


A New Improved Front Page



This is my draft 2. In this draft I took in the feedback I received from the last draft and continued to improve it. A few changes I made which I thought were really good were:

1. Smooth the shape of blue placed behind the image to make a perfect curve around him.

2. Make the name “Parker” bigger

3. Add a drop shadow to the title

I feel like it really made the cover much more aesthetic, with the new colour scheme. The black background contrasts well with the blue features. I do feel like there are few more changes like maybe changing the font of the masthead, and also changing the position of model to higher up the page. I was thinking about creating a border around my front cover, as it makes it even more aesthetic.