Design Skills 2

What new design skills or production techniques have you learnt?

I have learnt how to be critical towards my work to make my work to the best ability it can be. This is very important when using tools on indesign and photoshop such as:

Image result for indesign tools coolImage result for indesign tools cool

Tools such as these can be hard to use at first so it is important that you give yourself critical feedback as it may take time to perfect your project.

I used the zoom tool a lot to help get into area I couldn’t see far away. Sometimes when using Photoshop and Indesign the zoom tool is very important. On Photoshop the zoom tool is a necessity when creating layers(deleting the background) This is so you don’t over/under cut areas.

Another tool that was very helpful was the shapes tool such as rectangle/eclipse to make things such as pugs and plugs. You can also shrink and resize these shapes to create other shapes with them. This is vital when creating a music magazine as your front cover especially will have many shapes needed.

The Gradient Swatch was very helpful and made my images look more formal. This is used to help blend images together and create a cool design with it. This is good when wanting to use more than one photo for the background but they don’t fit together really well.

These tools were very helpful during my process with my music magazine. If I did it again I would have tried out different tools to help create a bigger range of designs. Despite that, I think that the tools I used were used in a very stylish way and made the music magazine very aesthetic.

So… How is it going?

What new transferable skills have you learnt?

The transferable skills that I have learnt are very important and great to achieve from media. I think a very important skill I learnt was communication as it shows how you understand things and present things. We had to use communication skills a lot when we were doing our coursework, due to the multiple voice threads and presentations we produced. The post “So what am I up against?” was one of the first posts including communications skills which is preparing us for our CCR’s at the end of this course. More communication is needed when you talk to models and give them directions. This is vital so that your model knows exactly what to do to get the perfect shot.

Another transferable skill that I learnt through this course was writing skills. This was vital due to the amount of articles and blog posts we have had to write. This ensures that you will get top marks and is a very important skill to learn throughout life. I enjoyed using this because it helped me with my other subjects too. I think this is one of the most important skills that we learn through the media course.

Another skill I learnt was a very important skill in life. I would say that I’m quite an independent person and like to be in control however this course has taught me how to work in a team. Teamwork is very important when doing media as it will be a major part of most projects you take part in. Whilst working in a group you can still use your independence when being a group leader like I like to be, but compromising with everyones ideas is vital.

Time management is something I have always struggled with so doing this course has really taught me how to use a schedule and keep on top of continuous work. This is very important as if you get left behind you are at risk of failing. The blog has helped me a lot with time management, along with essays.

I think these are the most important skills I have learnt and will help me in future scenarios especially in media. These skills will really help me out in any situation and are great aspect to doing this course.

Feedback & Reflection on Draft DPS

Peer feedback on my DPS-

  • Change the colour of my drop shadow on my pull quote
  • Make sure the stand first isn’t too long and that its short snappy and hooks the reader
  • Try and use two columns instead of three to make it seem like less writing

Teacher feedback on DPS –

  • Re use the blue colour from the drop capital/masthead in the images and the body copy
  • try and reframe the background image
  • Add the page numbers
  • use the blue, white and black colour scheme more

Targets for further development –

I think my main focuses will be on experimenting with my background image and see how it looks reframed, I will also look at adding more of my blue into my DPS to make it feel alive and vibrant and finally make sure my stand first is snappy and hooks the reader.


Self assessment-

I think that my double page spread is in need of a lot of improvement. I like the draft currently but I think after adding these additional comments it will make my double page spread much more “put together” and closer to a final draft. I am going to try out the blue colour scheme again, however I do feel like the pink gives the blue a break for a bit. I will try out every bit of feedback and come back to this to see if I used them or not and why.

Question 4: So… How did you integrate technologies (software, hardware and online) in this project?



A New Improved Contents Page

I changed a lot of things about this poster for my final draft. My first draft was very cluttered and didn’t fit right on my page. If you look back to my first draft you can see that I have improved a lot with my conventions and the design. Here was the list of improvements I made for myself which I think I stuck too quite well:

  • Create more than one shade of blue for my spots
  • Add more pages and names
  • Make the names bolder and bigger than the page number
  • Make one or two magazine articles stand out

I think this contents page has a very clear theme of jazz and a blue colour scheme. I have made sure that each page name is bigger than the page number to attract the audience with these interesting headlines. I think that for my final draft, it seems to fit well with my magazine.


Draft of Content Page

This was my first contents page draft. I like the theme of the blue spots and thinks is brings back to the theme of jazz. The photo itself isn’t very colourful so I think that with a splash of colour, it makes it much better. However, in this draft I wasn’t too sure with the layout. As you can see I only included 6 pages which clearly wasn’t really conventional due to most magazines having at least 20+ pages. Therefore, I wouldn’t be able to use this layout meaning I have to change it. I think my targets for my next contents page are gonna be:

  • Create more than one shade of blue for my spots
  • Add more pages and names
  • Make the names bolder and bigger than the page number
  • Make one or two magazine articles stand out