Production Meeting for Shoot 1 (Performance)

This will be our main summer shoot for the video. This will be most/all of the footage from the beach which will take up about 60% of the entire video). We have had meetings with our models and they know everything they need, what time and where they need to be. We are self assured that our plan will run as smoothly as possibly aiming to be collecting some of our finalised shots from the video.


Star Image – The Performer

This mood board consists of our music video star image. We will be using a girl and a boy model throughout our video meaning we need two star images. The girl will be wearing quite delicate and floral clothes to show her innocence and beauty. The boy however will be contrasting with that by wearing quite grungy style clothes to make him be seen as the “bad boy”. This creates a perfect “good girl, bad boy” narrative which already limits options making it easier to make decisions within your group. This mood board will help both me and my partner to style our models to exactly how we want them. This will ensure that the mise en scene is perfect for our video.

Test Shoots

This is our first test shoot. Today we used our visual shot list and decided on some bread and butter shots for our video. These will be our 3-5 main shots that we will repeatedly use throughout our music video. We decided that quality was better than quantity meaning we chose a small section of the song to try out a range of shots. We have now been introduced to premier which is where we can edit all of our shots to sync perfectly to the song. We can also create really cool effects on the videos and original transitions between the clips.



  • Good range of angles
  • Well spoken lip singing
  • Good body langauge


  • Sync the model to the song better next time
  • Use more relevant effects
  • Try out more transitions

Pitch + Feedback


  • Good choice of themes
  • Good range of CLAMPS
  • Perfect length videos
  • Definitely room to make a great narrative
  • Good analysis of performance vs narrative
  • Great style of words revolved around these themes


  • Create a main narrative to follow
  • Make sure your performance is interesting enough to keep audiences hooked
  • Stick to one or two key themes
  • Create a bold image in your head of what colours your song produces
  • Check out similar style videos to what you want yours to look like
  • Make sure to include at least one main prop for significance

Perfect Production Group

Group Agreement- Millie and Tyler

This is me and Tyler’s group agreement document. This document was made to agree one roles and responsibilities we’re taking on, which will ensure that we take on these responsibilities and carry out our plan. This will restrain any arguments and disagreements during the process. This will also help our teachers make sure that we have made a big enough contribution to the group. This will ensure that our music video is made to the best ability, with little- to no conflict.

Final Song Choice

Reasons why we chose this song:

The reason we chose this song was due to its dynamics and vibe. We thought that this song replicated a summery vibe which could be portrayed through bright colours and beach scenes. This will enhance the themes of happiness, excitement and summer. We pictured our music video being 80% performance, 20% narrative. We think this is a good plan due to not wanting a classic love story. This will make our music less cliche and help see more originality throughout our video. I also found listening to this song, many types of editing ideas started popping into my head, which already exclaimed to me that my creativity will be expressed through this video.