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This is the original magazine cover I decided to replicate in Adobe Indesign CC 2018.



Please click on the image to see a clearer image.



I am pleased with how my cover turned out in Adobe InDesign and hope to be this successful in creating my own media cover alone. We did this task so that we could practice using an editing tool, in this case, it was Adobe InDesign CC 2018 as well as get used to looking and analyzing magazine covers so that we can create media that is as effective as professional covers and other media.

Within the covers, we see a range of different aspects that build together to create a successful type of media for a certain psychographic, by mimicking this cover I have further realized how important it is to take the mise en scene into account. The typeface it vital to display a mood to the audience, and the cover stars position on the cover affects how people read the front of the magazine and what type of moods it displays to them.



I have learned a range of different techniques to use in Adobe InDesign when I am creating my own cover and will use as many of them as I can to help make my cover more effective, I have enjoyed designing this cover to fit the original as best I could and have gained a wide range of skills to use in the future.

Some parts of my cover are much better than others and look visually more appealing, other areas of the cover do not look as similar to the original as I would like. I definitely feel like adding in some of the aspects from the original cover was more challenging than other parts, sometimes because it did not look similar or because the cover star blended into some of the typeface.

Three aspects I thought were the most successful include the layout as mine matches the original and it looks effective, I have matched the correct writing to the original so it appears professional and alike to the original cover. The fonts used in the cover radiate energy and power from the cover and I matched this by finding typefaces very similar to the normal cover.

Another strength would be being able to understand how the software works relatively quickly and being able to know what I wanted in the cover, this helped as I managed to execute the typefaces and colours accurately to the original.

The last aspect which was completed well was the typefaces as I managed to get each written part in the correct font or a font very close to the original, I found doing this part was quite stressful as it took me a while to find the correct font to the original. Overall I found that imitating another magazine cover was both difficult at the start but rewarding to see the completed product as it looks professional.



Along with aspects that were successful there were also parts that were much harder to put into my cover, the first thing wad my cover star holding the dog. Due to the layout of the original cover, the front cover line travels over the dog in my cover replication which is not what should happen as every aspect of the cover star should be seen.

The photo that I chose to do my copy with does not fit with the theme of the cover so it makes it come across as very juxtaposing, the man and dog look very chill and calm but the writing over it conveys energy and slight aggression.

Another aspect is that I could not put the writing of some of the cover such as the magazine name behind the mans head so it does not look accurate to the original, it was an issue when some of the writing blends into the cover star such as the writing in the top right corner.

The last struggle was adding in the lines under the writing in the top right corner, it was difficult as the lines do not look straight therefor make the words look wonky on the cover which does not look professional. The thinness of these lines make my cover slightly lose its boldness and effectiveness, it does not appear to be as powerful and grabbing to a certain psychographic as I would like it too.

However, as my first mimic of a professional cover, I am pleased with how it turned out as a whole product of media and think I did this task effectively and successfully and will use the skills I have learned when I come to create my own media poster.


Three videos that I have watched to help with what I struggled with in Adobe InDesign are shown below.


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