October 21

So… I’m ready to make some media!


When I come to make my own music magazine I will need to focus on the mise en scene, CLAMPS in the magazine cover and the AIDA, along with this the colour pallet and target audience will need to be considered to make this piece of media successful. The type of layout I decide on will be vital in this process as well as the font types as they will have to relate to the genre of magazine cover I create, the mise en scene includes aspects such as costume, lighting, and makeup. What I decide to do considering my models for the magazine cover will vary depending on the genre as there could be strong makeup or lighting or it could be minimalistic, the mise en scene for every piece of media is very important as it displays the theme to a certain demographic.


Camera Angles

The camera angles should also be taken into serious consideration as different camera angles can display juxtaposing emotions and reinforce certain attitudes the cover star has or what the magazine cover shows the audience. I need to be able to think in the mind of a professional producer and decide which angles will be the most effective for the genre of the magazine I am designing, whilst close up angles will give a sense of intimidation and midshot angle will be less intense. As a producer, I will have to decide on an effective camera angles so that my magazine cover can be as successful as it can be in the industry.


Mise En Scene

The mise en scene in my magazine cover will also be vital as I will need to have every aspect of this faultless to really accentuate my genre of music in the cover, through the uses of such aspects like costume, acting, and setting I will be able to convey the moods in the magazine and pass that onto the audience. The position of the cover star will be vital to this cover as well as the posture and angle they take on will add mood to the cover and present certain themes and ideas, their costume will tell a story about this cover star on my magazine front and show what genre they come from.

The lighting whether it be dark or light will express to the certain demographic how they should react to the cover, along with this the makeup and hair on the cover star will further portray a narrative in the cover, the hairs colour and style will show people what genre they come from and the makeup will reinforce how dramatic and loud the certain genre of music is, the makeup whether it be soft or bold to each show contrasting moods will affect the reaction from the audience. In addition, the props will be important to show the themes within the cover as each of them that is used will need to have a purpose on set, they will need to add to the narrative. Lastly, the setting will be major as it will show the audience where the scene is set giving the cover a full narrative and story, I will decide on whether I would prefer a background of scenery or a background of colours both solid colours or multiple colours.


Layout And Typography

The layout of the magazine is once again very important to catch the audiences attention as too much information on the front cover can overwhelm a person but too little can lead to them being uninterested, I will need to have the perfect balance of both negative and positive space on the magazine cover. Along with this information, I also know that I would like my cover to be conventional which means both different yet the same, I want my cover to be familiar to the audience and grab their attention as something new and exciting therefor inviting them in to purchase the magazine. Each caption, plug, and sections of information will have to be in their right position on my cover and the right sizes of importance to help grab and hold audience attention.

The typography of my magazine cover will have to be legible along with being bold and sharp to gain audience attraction, for the best results I will use minimal fonts but edit those fonts to make them appear more inviting and exciting to my demographic and psychographic to then get the best results from my magazine cover.



The AIDA that is vital to be included in a magazine cover will need to be focused on as that is what makes people purchase a piece of media. I will first need to gain my audience’s attention through the magazine layout, they will be interested in the plugs and pugs of information I will have located on my cover. Hopefully, this audience will gain a desire to find out more about what is it the magazine and purchase a copy therefor making this successful media, however, they will need to know how to buy a copy of the magazine so I will need to put prices on the covers along with bar codes. B and K includes ideas, news, gossip, and fashion these points will help me to be more accurate with the genre of the magazine I am designing as it will give me more information on what is included in that certain genre of music.


Focusing forward

Focusing forward to designing this magazine cover I will take into account all I have learned in the past weeks to create a successful piece of media for a selected demographic, through the connected use of camera angles, mise en scene, and cover layout I will create a mood for the magazine cover and let it tell a story and have a narrative within it to make it exciting the audience and make them want to buy it. The information that I have learned in my media lessons will really help me design a magazine cover to the best quality I am capable of and interest audiences and the selected psychographic.


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