November 18

So what am I up against?

Below is a slide show showing magazines and other types of media in my magazine genre displaying how other companies and producers decide to portray the k-pop idols in the media, it is voiced over with a narration stating how I will design my magazine so that it is conventional and states the themes of k-pop. It includes what topics I will have in my magazine and how  I would like my cover star to be displayed to the media.

Many magazines focus on the genre of k-pop and are very successful at stating a story through the cover stars and contents, the companies make k-pop sound and look very inviting and exciting for audiences of a young age. Whilst some magazines have a mature touch to the theme others have colours of fun and freedom displaying exactly what a young teen wants in their life. There is an intense competition with magazines of the genre of k-pop and I need to make mine even more eye catching and attractive to call out to the correct audience.



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