January 16

So… How is it going?

What skills have I learned?

From designing my own magazine including a front cover a contents page and a double-page spread I have learned a wide range of skills and knowledge about what makes media effective for different audiences and readers. Every aspect that goes into a design on a page has an impact on how that page is presented to an audience, the colours, fonts, and style of the page can alter people’s opinions. From doing photoshoots I have been able to understand the vitality of mise en scene in media and how it uses synergy to join with camera angles and shots to create the perfectly produced image.

From the cover page, I have learned that star image and fonts have power over audiences as the way models are posed and placed signifies something to the audience, maybe it is an emotion of aura. The fonts hold effect as they can change the way audiences read the words on the page and can also cause certain reactions.

Furthermore, from designing a double-page spread I have gained knowledge on how to layout an effective and powerful article to make it appear to the audience in a specific light. From being taught how articles gain their effect and attention from design I created my pages so that they immediately looked exciting to readers, therefore, being successful in the media.

Finally, from creating a content page I have realized how important the layout of contents pages are and where they are located in the magazine. They are the pages that tell readers what is coming up in the magazine so if they are not effective the reader is not going to want to continue reading on, the captions and names of the articles have to be bold and bright to grab readers’ attention and draw them into wanting the read that article.

What went well?

From this magazine, I have learned about many aspects and effectiveness needed to create a perfect cover, double-page spread, and contents page. Whilst each page has it’s own uniqueness they all come together as they are the same genre and have the same aim, the layout of the pages change depending on the page so that the magazine looks exciting and inviting.

  • The colour schemes are effective for each page
  • The fonts are not too overwhelming
  • The star image relates to K pop from the mise en scene
  • The genre of K pop is radiated through each page
  • The format of the images in the pages are powerful
  • The magazine does pull you in to read the contents

Even better if?

  • I planned my pages in advance
  • I did not get as stressed with designing
  • I experimented with effects in both photoshop and InDesign

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