March 3

Prelim Task Mood Montage

StoryBoard Of Montage

For this preliminary task, we worked in groups of two or three to understand what it was like to work with others and have certain responsibilities. By constructing a montage with a story and narrative helped me to get used to using a variety of distances and angles in shots, my group to work with the title of “practice makes perfect” which developed a story of a male student attempting to shoot a hoop over a period of a few hours and finally succeeding in the end.

Final Montage


When starting this task of designing a montage with a narrative and title, I did not think that I would be this pleased and satisfied with the outcome. The concept of someone attempting to shoot a hoop many times and failing then making one last shot and succeeding really displayed the title of “practice makes perfect”. Although my group did not stick to the storyboard of the montage as we took still shots which did not work in the montage it still worked out well and looked effective, we each got a chance of going behind the camera and seeing what it was like to take charge and be the director for the shot.

We added in a few title cards to break up the montage, this helped my group to organize the next scenes and make them more effective. The music we chose was from high school musical, head in the game, this fitted well as the same sport is going on in the original scene, the sounds from the music also fit well with the movement in the montage, I do think that the camera work could be more steady as even though we were told to use the tripod for some shots it was still unsteady or out of focus but with practice of using the camera, it can be altered and fixed to make it more in focus and steady.

A close-up shot of the hoop told the audience how important it was in the story and many continuous shots of the ball failing to go into the hoop reinforced how much the character was practicing. The low angle of the ball rolling along the floor gave a nice contrast to the mid shots of the character shooting the hoops, the transitions into the different scenes and shots were edited well and make perfect sense to the narrative emphasizing the effectiveness of the shots.



To evaluate this piece of media I would say that it is powerful and conveys a strong sense of determination and failure into success, the use of different camera angles and distances helped to add much more depth to the montage to make it more appealing for viewers. I think that we managed to get a wide amount of shots with different angles and distances, this enabled my group to display a range of emotions in the character, including determination, frustration, and joy.

I think that this montage has made an impact on audiences, it tells people to never give up and always keep persevering through tough times even if you think you cannot do it allowing it to have a sense of story as the character tries many times to succeed, it is motivational and strong as the audience see the character’s frustration in the shots. One specific cut image in the montage at 0:32 of a side angle long shot captures the character’s exasperation, it creates meaning as many people can relate to the obvious emotion shown in the shot. There is a powerful sense of progression as the character slowly improves shooting as he is determined and never gives up, the repetition of close up shots of the basketball hoop help to emphasize the story is set around the prop and gives a reason for the characters frustration and emotions, it helps communicate the idea of practice and success to the audience. An additional shot that could be used in this montage would perhaps be a low angle shot of the character holding the ball to show he is victorious and show pride and success even more to the audience.

Focusing forward I would like to be able to gain more skills in camera use, I would like to improve being able to display emotion through distances and angles. I would perhaps be more organized with ideas and aspects such as props and costume, I would prefer to stick to the original ideas and shots so that It becomes a clean-cut piece. For the music video, I would like to add a wider range of camera angles and distances to give a deeper depth and effect, It should reach out to the target audience that way and be as effective as it can be.

Overall, I am very pleased with how the montage has turned out, the music fits well and the scenes match up together to create a very interesting montage with different angles and distances.

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