March 11

Detailed Music Video analysis


From analyzing these music videos I have learned how important all the aspects in the video add to the narrative and make it powerful, all music videos have different messages in them that all audiences can notice and possibly connect too. With different camera angles, shots and distances they can help paint the star for the audience and what the stars value and feel. The mise en scene is equally as important in music videos as it gives a stronger portrayal of the star, all editing, performance, and narrative techniques give a very strong display of themes and promotion of the star.

Music video 1

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Music video 2

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All videos have different themes and ideas that emit different reactions from the audience and lead to different opinions on the star, if you deeper into all music video there will be many aspects that people and audiences do not see. Most music videos are a mix of performance and narrative, but those songs with strong lyrics will use all narrative videos and it will be very effective as the themes will be clear and obvious. The colours in the music video will match the themes and ideas presented in the music and lyrics to highlight the song and the meaning behind the lyrics, music videos really do promote the star in specific lights as well as reflect the song genre.

Focusing forward

Focusing forward towards the music video I will create, I will think about how camera work can alter the portrayal of the story and how mise en scene is vital to get correct and on point to give the correct themes to the audience. The editing will have to be clean-cut and smooth for the story to have a clear flow and rhythm, I will also think about the percentage of performance and narrative in the video that will help the portrayal of the star. Every part in a music video is vital and needs to have meaning, the effects of lip-syncing and different scenes will be thought about carefully to help make an impact on the audience and everyone who watches the music video.

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