March 11

Music Video Form & Conventions


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From doing this music video analysis I have learned how important it is to understand the messages behind the videos, through camera work and mise en scene different emotions and themes can be displayed in music videos. I have discovered that the whole point of music videos is to promote the star in a certain light in the media, it is a promotional piece of cinematography and is used to get as much money as possible.

I further understand how technical conventions such as lip-syncing and editing to the beat make a powerful effect for the audience and help to display the star, these techniques help to emphasize the music video style either performance or narrative. Either style can really help to give a stronger portrayal of the singer and themes within the narrative, whilst a full performance video gives the audience a clear view of how the star is in the media, narrative music videos give a stronger sense of story to the lyrics. However, most music videos are a mixture of both as this is the most effective, you can see the story behind the lyrics but also get the singer in the video helping the portrayal of the story.

Conventions in a music video have to be specific to help the correct narrative and story come across to the audience, many videos leave an unclear ending drawing the viewer to go back and watch the video again giving the company more money. The editing techniques in music videos also help to reinforce the ideas presented in the music video, intertextual references make the video more relatable and make the audience able to understand the story in the music more.

Music videos will be illustration or amplification or a mix of both as both styles display uses in music to make them more inviting and powerful, very few videos will be disjuncture as they are hard to understand because the music video has no relation to the lyrics.

In conclusion, I will use many conventions that are seen in other music videos in the music video I will make in the future, by learning the importance of everything in the scene and how the star is portrayed I understand that music videos need to be very specific and show certain ideas and themes.



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