March 19

Green Screen Studio Filming

The shoot

How to film a green screen

When we went to the college of further education and got access to the green screen studio that they have, I learned many facts about the screen and how to effectively use it. Before filming the lip-syncing videos the class got an explanation of how the green screen works and what you can and cannot do with it, for example using bright lights with colour will not work as the green screen removes everything in the background so that they can put different backgrounds in.

Green screens allow any backgrounds to be added into the screen to make powerful effects, the bright green colour is the easiest to use at it stands out from costumes and other coloured objects. But sometimes there are green objects so a different colour screen is used, from going to this place we also learned about camera techniques and lighting effects which were useful for the future music video.

Focusing forward I would like to use the green screen studio as it would be effective to then put other backgrounds into the video to give it more power, I would use it in the separate shots of the star so that it focuses more on then and takes the focus away from the narrative.

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