March 20

Prelim Task Lip Syncing Exercise

Greenscreen studio footage with the performance synced to the song and an analysis of how the lip sync is important for star image as well as analysis of what went well and what didn’t go so well. Always focus forward too.

Poker face


From doing this preliminary task I have gained knowledge on how to sync up lyrics and the singer effectively for the audience. The different scenes of the lip sync help to build depth in the video and give it more structure, the overall video is well developed as I think that the lip syncing is matched well to the song. Although this was a difficult process that took a significant amount of accuracy and patience it has helped me to become one step closer to creating my own music video with elements of lip syncing in it that will be very important for the narrative and performance.

What went well

I think that the footage from the green screen shoot were well recorded and gave many different angles to work with for an effective lip syncing piece, the contrast between close up shots and long shots helped to display the song performance. Along with this I think that I connected the different pieces of footage together to create a simple but effective lip syncing video that is easy to watch and listen too without getting confused with the timings of the shots, I think I managed to time the lyrics with the lip syncing well so that it had the strong illusion the actors were singing the words.

Even better if

What would make the video more powerful is if some of the actors in the video looked like they were enjoying it more and having some fun with the lip syncing, be less embarrassed and more excited learning lyrics would have helped as there was less footage to work with because people did not know their lyrics. It would have helped if I had completed the video on Adobe premier pro at school as it was easier to use than wevideo which was admittedly less accurate with timings and footage but it did work.

Focus forward

Focusing forward to the future of creating my own music video with possibly some lip syncing, this has been a good task to do in preparation for the music videos as I now know how to effectively create a lip sync and what to use for it, both premier pro and wevideo work to create this type of technique. I am excited to start creating my music video and look forward to adding in some lip sync.


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