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Star Image – The Performer

Canva Moodboard

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From doing this canva moodboard it will help to understand what audience we want to target the music video at, by having a full understanding and developed idea of the audience it can help to shape how we shoot and design the music video. The star image in our music video should accurately reflect the image Ruel upholds in the media and on stage when performing.

These images and shots of how Ruel is portrayed to the media and in music videos will effect how we design the image of our star connote specific aspects of the performer. From these images the star image will be quite casual but stylish, he should appear to be a classic image of a teenage boy, so that makes him very relatable to the audience and connects them to him.


The shots in the padlet from the music video used to portray Ruel are very simple shots, but they are very effective when it comes to portraying him in a positive manner that appeals to the target audience of teen girls. Depending on the concept and design of the video the use of shot differs but one shot is constantly used, this is the close up shot to give a visual image of Ruel to the audience and sell his star image.

Star Image

The star image of an artist is vital for success in the music industry as it is how that singer is portrayed to the audience, the theory from Dyer of the star image states that to be a successful artist you have to have an appealing star image in the media and on stage when performing. Dyer says that you need to be able to sell an artists image to a specific demographic for income and to build a new star in the crowded music industry, when designing our own star for the music video we want him to be connected to the audience he aims towards and needs to be visually attractive to help the attraction of an audience.

From the research about the artist Ruel, as a teenage male singer his biggest demographic are teenage girls as they feel the most connected to him due to age and star image in the media, as a target audience they are connected to the artist mostly through social media and technology. As the influence of social media is getting larger everyday the importance of Ruel to use these platforms of media to connect to his audience is very important, this will reflect on how we want to design our music video and the star image to target it to teenage girls through the media.

Focusing forward

Focusing forward when doing the music video we want to design the singer and performer to have a teenage image of a boy that appeals to the audience of teenage girls, from the research I have done about Ruel he has a close relationship with his audience due to his young age. In most of his music videos he is portrayed by simple shots in a simple narrative but that then makes him more realistic as an artist and does not place him very highly above audiences so they can find it easier to connect with him.


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