June 22

Visual Shot List for Shoot 1 (Performance)

Padlet of Shots

Made with Padlet

List of shots

  • Establishing shot
  • long shot
  • close up shot
  • extreme close up shot
  • pan
  • pov shot
  • aerial shot
  • low angle shot


From looking at the music videos of Ruel’s music and Shawn Mendes’ music, they are very similar with how the stars are portrayed to the audience, both artists appear to be very appealing to a female audience and their music relates to the artists star image. The genres of both artists is pop and R&B music which is connoted through the music video styles, the simplicity of shots used in Ruel’s music videos and the repertoire of elements allows the main focus to be consuming the star image of the singer and understand the lyrics of the song connecting the audience to Ruel. Shawn Mendes tends to develop the narrative more through the use of shots to emphasise an emotion or feelings making the audience connect with him through emotion, the genre of his music is clearly seen through his style of music videos that are normally very sentimental and reflects the R&B music style.

It is very important to understand the conventions of the genre so when it comes to creating the music video we can properly understand how different and specific shots work to portray the artist in a way that appeals to the target demographic. The video we are planning to create needs to be different but the same as it needs to stand out from the other videos like it but needs to easily recognised as a specific genre, although the video needs to be seen as a genre such a pop through the mise en scene and editing it should perhaps display a different narrative to the audience allowing for something new.

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