September 16

Specsavers Feedback


On Thursday the 17th and Friday the 18th of September we had two visitors from Specsavers come in and give us advice about how to improve on our music video, as one of these visitors watched our first draft he gave many points that could improve the quality and emotional tone of the narrative.

The feedback they gave was that the first draft cut was very effective and used interesting shots of the girl and portrayed the themes of failures, he stated that we needed to focus on making the stairs look even more abstract to juxtapose the naturalism of the school scenes. With improvements on what we are trying to portray to an audience and a clearer narrative in the video we can make it look extremely effective.


  • think about angles and composition
  • use more interesting angles
  • emotions within shots
  • make it confusing
  • remove the context
  • make it feel like just stairs
  • be selective with stairs
  • keep it graphical
  • edit shots
  • no blindfold
  • make shots seem confusing
  • pick a barrier and a door

List of new technical and creative ideas

  • use barriers to compose shots
  • use doors to give context
  • overlap shots in editing
  • edit the shots in effective ways
  • make it abstract
  • make the shots very graphical
  • smoothly edit together shots for flow
  • make the transitions smoother

YouTube tutorials 

Here are two youtube videos that would help with the second draft of our music video due to the effects and visual techniques they mention:


September 16

Music Video Draft 2 (Includes shoot 2 footage )

Embedded Draft 2 video.

Photos from shoot

Here are a few shots from the second shot of the stairs in town, we got many more better shots with improved angles.

Self assessment

Looking back on the first draft of our music video, I can see a clear significant improvement with tones and emotions within shots. There are many more interesting angles and camera shots that effectively link together to create an effective narrative video. I definitely feel that the narrative and story in the music video is more distinctly portrayed to the audience, with the different scenes of the abstract stairs and naturalistic shots within school really give the idea of stress and anxiety as the angles work well in conjunction to the shots.

Targets for improvement

September 16

Shoot 2 Reflection (Narrative)


The shoot at the school for the naturalistic scenes went well, we managed to obtain many useful shots that can be used effectively in the final cut of the music video. By filming six scenes within the school we managed to get many different types of shots and emotions for the final cut, each shot was successful and has its own mood and tone that fits the music video perfectly. By using the props that related to each scene made it look even more naturalistic to fit the narrative of the video, making the shots successful.

The girl being dressed in the same clothes as on the stairs makes a clear link to the abstract and realistic shots, every aspect in the school shots is very realistic helping to set the tone of failures and struggles in school helping it to be more relatable to a target audience.

For the final shoot on the stairs we will use the tripod more often to help get focused and steady shots, we will get more interesting and abstract shots to help provide the tone for the music video in the stair climbing scenes. More interesting angles will make the video appear more exciting and immersive for the audience to watch, giving a powerful effect of the music video.


The targets for the final shoot of the music video:

  • have the camera on a tripod
  • have steady shots
  • make sure the shots are in focus
  • Get a stronger sense of emotion
September 9

Video Narrative Story Shot Sheets

Storyboard for music video

Below is the storyboard of our plan for a filming session, this will include the scenes within the school where the female character struggles with her school life representing how many teenagers struggle in school due to stress and relationships. We hope to include effective shots and interesting angles to help make the scenes more emotive, this will help to portray the feelings in the narrative to a target audience.

The range of shots we will use to communicate the narrative to the audience we range from close ups to display the emotions to tracking shots to give the tone of stress, the different shots will help to connote the emotions in the different scenes and build up the stress and anxiety in each shot so that the target audience can understand the character in the narrative.