Superhero Analysis


Batman is significantly different to other known superheroes as, although he does demonstrate some characteristics that are associated with superheroes, he also shows some significant differences through how he identifies and the actions that he takes.


One example is his weakness. Many superheroes have weaknesses, such as Superman with Kryptonite and Iron-man needing to always keep his suit charged, but Batman does not have a physical weakness like these other superheroes. Instead, Batman’s weakness is his morality, as the only way to stop The Joker is to kill him, and his morals refuse for him to do so.

Another difference is one of Batman’s defining features of his character is the fact that he is unidentifiable and cannot be traced. However, as he is a significant, wealthy person in society, unlike being an average person like Peter Parker, he is more exposed to the public and therefore is more likely to be found out and therefore could be considered much more in danger.

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