In the lesson, we had to create a collage of different ideas using different media to help us get a sense of direction as to what our digipaks might look like. It also assured our understanding of the themes and styles shown in out genres digipaks.

There are a variation of themes, colours and typefaces in the indie genre which send different messages dependant on the artist.

You can see the different ideas we’ve seen across digipaks and the connotations that theu have. Our band Kensuke’s Castle connotes more of a sci-fi, artificial type vibe. After some discussion, we decided to incorporate the idea of the gradient and used an object (a head) to be in the forefront which created the peculiar look and symbolisn that’s often seen in the indie genre.

Hand-drawn mock up

The mock up shows the basic idea of what we want the front and back panes to look like. The idea is to make the digipak busy, thought provoking and interesting to look at. We thought about the use of shapes and symbols and how they relate to the indie genre and our product. You can see that the ‘stand down’ features on the digipak which acts as an easter egg in our music video. The idea of mystery and and unformed identity is portrayed by the mannequin head on the back pane. The head on the front pane is going to contain features of a different people to emphasize that idea of an unformed identity and that it could represent anyone.

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