In the lesson, we had to create a collage of different ideas using different media to help us get a sense of direction as to what our digipaks might look like. It also assured our understanding of the themes and styles shown in out genres digipaks.

There are a variation of themes, colours and typefaces in the indie genre which send different messages dependant on the artist.

You can see the different ideas we’ve seen across digipaks and the connotations that theu have. Our band Kensuke’s Castle connotes more of a sci-fi, artificial type vibe. After some discussion, we decided to incorporate the idea of the gradient and used an object (a head) to be in the forefront which created the peculiar look and symbolisn that’s often seen in the indie genre.



Instantly by looking at this moodboard, you can see the trend of colours, themes and typefaces. When looking in more detail, it’s clear what type of things appeal to the demographic; for example, the common explorer theme, the political pushback through images etc.

I can use this moodboard to help create my own digipak, using these ideas to appeal to the target audience.

Made with Padlet


A mission statement is a company’s way to present the brand values. It’s an efficient way to paint the artist in the best light possible and update the reader on the artist or band’s progress or lack of, without having to have prior knowledge. We created a mission statement to give Imagine Dragons’ identity and help the viewer understand them on a foundation level. We will relfect the mission statement’s values by intergating them in the products, collating more consumers.

Kensuke’s Castle are well experienced musicians who have an built an expertise of musical and sociological knowledge. Their background and experience in the Indie music indusry has mouled them into grounded, down to earth individuals who are a threat to your ears when they’re tuned in. Their niche theme of a diluted sci-fi style has clearly resonated with the free-spirited milleneals who dominate their fanbase. As well as on the stage, their off-stage presence can be felt through the thoughts, feelings and wisdom displayed on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


To properly understand the way genres are able to attract their target audience, we had to find and alayse a digipak in our genre. I made annotations on the details of the digipak and how conventional or dysjunctive it is to it’s genre.

I anaysed ‘EVOLVE’ by Imagine Dragons. They are very successful in the indie rock genre and therefore will have a well developed idea of what their target demographic is attracted to and the sorts of themes and ideas that sparks their intrest enough to buy the product.

I’ve learned that there’s always a connection between the front and back cover of a digipak. This may be made through fonts or imagery. In indie rock, there seems to be a lot of thought provoking images and some mystery into what’s happening or the idea they band or artist is attempting to convey. Simplistic covers are what Imagine Dragons specifically are good at and therefore know how to pull of minimalistic looks while conveying their intended message.Some conventions you would find on a digipak are;

  • Image
    • Type
    • Symbolic Objects
    • The Star / Band
    • Digital effects
  • Copy
    • Album Title
    • Name of the Band / Star
    • Typeface
  • Colour Scheme
  • Bonus Track / Features Sticker
  • Spine
  • Logos
    • Artists
    • Record Label
  • Copyright Information
  • Barcode
  • Distribution Company


This is my 3rd draft. Since the last draft my group have experimented with different effects and focused on getting in narrative shots. We asked our peers to give feedback in the comments section of the video. This will give us a better idea of what we can improve and as they’re the target demographic in the Indie Rock genre, it will improve the video according to what listeners actually want to see. This gives them as much gratification as possible and makes the video more repeatable.


These are some comments left on the video which include positives and points for improvement

” – The glitch effect is very effective

– Make the ‘tell me’ words bigger as it’s hard to read them

– Love the effect used to introduce the narrative but you could add in some more narrative as you have about 40 seconds until the next narrative clip”

“The narrative is a bit confusing and random at times such as the apples. The performance is good and the angles work well.”

“-The words could be exaggerated (bigger, bolder and longer) for effect.

-Colour correct the fruit to make it stand out more”

“When the singer stamps on the floor you could include an effect, like making it shake”


  • Colour correction to make colours more prominent
  • Make sure any text is larger
  • Rearrange clips to make narrative sense
  • Slow down rose clip to add effect
  • Make sure effects are repeated to establish a link
  • Clips brightness need adjustments

Using these targets will help me achive a better video and allow me to get more creative with the editing trasitions and effects to make the video memorable.


*duplicate* need another screenshot

This was a stabalisation effect I added to a clip that was a handheld clip and I thought it’d make it more asthetically pleasing to stablize the clip. It makes the video look more professional.

It would’ve been better if there was more of the clip and maybe the camera following over her shoulder but that will be thought of next time we film to get more thourough shots.



The colour changing sky effect was tricky to pull off as the trees in the background are hard to detect by the software. With the help of a specsavers visitor, we explored the possibilities of implementing this into the video. I wanted this effect to add the extra-terrestrial feel commonly seen in indie rock. The star of the video is mysterious and perculiar therefore this would correspond with her image and connotations.

I added the glitch effect to the first drum beat, which aids the audio in increasing intensirt. It adds a grunge feel to the video, which is seen in the indie genre though not all that common.

Adding the effect was quite easy as I just segmented the specific section of the video the applied the effect to the segment. I then adjusted the scale and position of the glitch to how I liked it.


I asked the Specsavers creative team to review my music video and they gave me feedback on what I can improve on and what’s good. I siezed the opportunity to ask about a sky replacement effect I was curious about and they worked through it with me to see if it was possible with my footage. Unfortunately, the background was too busy and Premiere Pro couldn’t process it accurately enough to make the effect look clean.

They gave me some targets to work on:

  • Simple effects can be effective too
  • Try to make narrative sense on terms of order
  • Make the effects link by using them repeatedly
  • Colour correct clips to make colours pop more