Music Video Draft 4

Above is our Penultimate Draft for our music Video.
We attended most of the targets raised in our YouTube comments. Paying special attention to:

  • Increasing pace of edit
  • Adding Filters to the narrative

We asked a fellow classmate Carney if she wouldn’t mind reviewing our video. not only was she available but she suits our target audience which makes her feedback that much more valuable.

Overall the feedback was good with a very positive response. Enjoying the aesthetics as well as the comedic effects. As you can see from the video I had to prompt for improvements which from my perspective a good sign. The fact that our video was that pleasing to our audience that constructive criticisms had to be prompted

Final Targets:

  • Increasing Pace of edit
  • Getting more Close-ups shots
  • Reshooting some performance as the framing can be a bit off


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