Production Skills Evaluation 2

After having a professionals feedback and advise we were taught about ‘Adjustment layers’. These are essentially a pane of glass placed in front of selected clips. It automatically adds effects to those clips without having to do each clip individually.

This makes continuity much easy as all clips would be made the same. This connotes the consistency of the effect that the filter is conveying.  For example in our video we’re trying to convey the sense of darkness and how it affects our lives the larger it gets.

This colour correction gives the impression that the kid being bullied is in another place. The dark colours convey him being in a dark place. The dark place represents his negative emotions and how he may see the world… colourless. this will work well later int eh sogn when the front man grabs his arm to pull him back into reality and brighten up his world as the colour would be corrected to normal.

What went well:

  • The photoshop filter gave our narrative better mise-en-scene and representation of our narrative storyline.
  • Adjustment layers helped for fast and more efficient editing.
  • The overall colour of our video has improved and looks more fitting for our video.

Even better if:

  • Made use of more effects within the adjustment layer to add more visual effects in the video.
  • With the photoshop filters, tone them down a bit for in some shots visuals are obstructed by the filter.


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