Production Skills 4 – Evaluation of web design application

To create my most recent product for my star, I have used Wix, a website designer. During the creation of my website, I have gained and developed many skills that will be transferable when making websites in the future. Before creating this website I had no knowledge on how to make or manage one, however, I now feel I have created a professional-looking, engaging and easy to navigate website. I have aimed to create a website that clearly expresses the artists’ star image and is conventional to my genre, Contemporary R&B.

I first learnt the skill of editing my website. Via the Wix website, I can now rearrange, design and adjust features on my website, using this drop-down tool. It is important to edit my website to compliment and suit the star image and branding of the star.

Once clicking onto ‘edit page’, I was then taken to a new landing page where I could add features onto the pages such as text, social media links, images, videos, subscription services, an e-commerce shop and much more. This meant I could improve the website and make it a more interactive experience. It was important to add an appropriate amount of features to my website design to create a product that achieves interaction, attraction, engagement and entertainment. Changing colours and fonts was also vital in order to tailor my website to suit my target audience and attract people. If I used unconventional fonts or colours, I could risk my audience rejecting the text instead of creating predictable pleasure. The social media links offer social interaction¬†for the audience and make them feel as if they have a personal connection with the artist. The email subscription box. The website needed to be easy to navigate, whilst sticking to my criteria of it being simplistic in order to stay conventional. To maintain my simplistic theme, I have kept most of the important information on my landing page and added anchors so it will take you to specific places on the page by clicking on their navigation bar links.

Lastly, I gained the knowledge of how to create an e-commerce shop for the website. This skill could be transferred into the future if I ever want to create an online business. The e-commerce shop is a good tool of engagement for my audience. The audience can support the artist and buy merchandise. I could edit the price, imagery, fonts and colours on the merchandising platform.

Overall, my website design and production skills and dramatically improved and I feel that my website is engaging so far and should fulfil Blumler and Katz’ theory of uses and gratification.

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