November 2

So… I’m ready to make some media!

We have covered a lot in Media Studies in the last weeks which I feel have been the biggest challenge so far. I feel that so far I have found using Indesign and Photoshop the hardest task so far, due to it’s many tools at hand. I have thoroughly enjoyed making my tour poster which I now look upon with pride. It was certainly a struggle when being introduced to photoshop due to it’s nature of cropping you head off with one accidental move of your mouse! I have really taken into detail how key one change to your work can capture the interest of your audience or lose them, how critical each text style and colour can be. I have found it really interesting when playing around with the tools on indesign, editing the image of the model to make it more tuned to your genre.

Upcoming, we have a music magazine to produce which will test my skills I have acquired so far. I believe this will be a really enjoyable task, to start feeling more like a media professional. I feel that there are most certainly challenges ahead when creating our own magazines, I believe the most prominent one I the photoshoot itself. Although it is not as technical as the work on Indesign or Photoshop, I feel that capturing the model to look a part of your genre is a very tricky area. I think it will be key to find the costume that you wish your model to wear early on, and then evolve it, adding every fine detail to make it as much of an image associated with you genre as possible. I also feel that creating the lighting and environment in the photoshoot will prove difficult because we only spent a little amount of time studying this area.

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