November 15

So… I am ready to photograph my star.

This is an extremely exciting period in our Media Studies life at the moment. We are being given a lot of freedom in terms of making our own costumes, taking our own photos and creating our star.

In our recent tasks we have basically designed our star through making a collage of clothes we wish out model to wear.  I have made a collage of clothes and accessories so that I have a basic layer of how I want my model to look. I have already found many items of clothing including a white fur coat, a golden choker, a fur hat and golden coloured rings and necklaces. With my photo shoot coming up it is essential that I find the perfect costume as soon in the coming days.

I have also taken into account the actual photography during the shoot. I will be playing around with the high and low-key lighting, to determine which works best for my image. Mise-en-scene is the key factor to be taken into account as it uses all factors of having a successful image. I have chosen the makeup specifically to fit the hip hop genre.


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