January 10

Article Idea Development

It is important to have an idea of who you are protecting your article too, and what they are going to want to read. It is imperative to hook the audience as soon as possible as you have a very small window of their interest.

The audience that I am aiming to entice are Hip Hop fans, this is because my magazines genre is Hip Hop. After looking at the demographics on YouGov, I am aware that the general age of fans of Hip Hop are between 16 and 24 males, so I know that I am projecting my magazine to a young group of people, this will effect the way I construct article and the topics that I will include. For examples I won’t want to mention politics or uninteresting topics for people of a relative young age.

There is a lot of news surrounding the recent movie Straight Outta Compton, which is a movie based on the Hip Hop group NWA, which I believe will be a good topic to bring up in the article, it will work as a good hook to interest my audience.

We had Rosie Allsope in from the Guernsey Press who is a features editor and has many jobs that include checking articles being published to see if they are appropriate to publish. She gave some really insightful knowledge into the life of writing articles, some of her key information was to add an exciting quote in the early lines of the article, which will hook the reader, this extremely important due to the very short window of time that you have to interest the reader. I aim to start my magazine in a few short lines summarising the story without giving away too much but giving a short, important part of the story so they have to read the rest of the article to find out what happened. Rosie gave a lot of helpful advice into how to start your article.

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