January 10

Language Analysis

The double page spread of a music magazine that I have read and chose to analyse is Q’s magazine of James Lavelle, from September 1st, 2017, the author being Dorian Lynskey. I chose this article because I love the way it is written and I aim to write my article in a similar style. The article is structured as an interview, with there being a journalist  talking to Lavelle. I am aware of the presence of the journalist as Dorian sets the scene briefly when talking to Lavelle. He does this when saying, ‘he says over cartons of Korean food in his manager’s office in Camden’, I think this portrays a more friendly environment in which the interview is taking place, as it is taking place in his managers office. I think that this relation to the mess in the room also connotes the fact that Lavelle is in a mess of his own which may be the reason for this mess. The journalist’s presence is also conveyed through the description of Lavelle’s speech. This is evident when Lynskey writes ‘he says wistfully’, this tells us he is in the presence of Lavelle, furthermore hanging off his every word.

This article has been written in the aim of grabbing the attention of the audience as soon as possible, this is connoted through quotes of Lavelle which will appeal to the audience and entice them. The first quotation is ‘”a fucking amazing night”‘, this is an effective quotation to entice the reader on the basic fact that Lavelle swears in this instance which is exciting for the audience to have a celebrity swear in public. This also portrays the environment of the interview as a relaxed one due Lavelle’s allowance to swear, this tells the reader that it is an exclusive interview, in which this celebrity will reveal a lot. This is also depicted earlier where Lynskey writes, ‘an Everest of cocaine’. This immediately creates intrigue, as the idea of celebrities in the presence of drugs seems exciting. This, like previously, makes the audience seem special in knowing such celebrity gossip which will entice them and want to read on. The metaphor used of the pile of cocaine being as big as a mountain, which will shock the readers, although not being true this hyperbole makes it out that he does this on a regular basis. The use of celebrity names at the start of this article is also effective in gaining a wider audience as being a fan of one of these stars entices them to read the article.

In conclusion, it is evident that the journalist wants to depict Lavelle as rebellious through quotations of him swearing and association to drugs, but also as a relatable guy. He has done this by quoting Lavelle’s hardships which make us sympathise for him, making us like the character more so.

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