February 7

Draft 4- Feedback and Targets

I received feedback through a video from my teacher Mr Gregson. I felt this feedback was the most important feedback I have received so far during the making of my Music Magazine as it is coming from a much more advanced knowledge of Media than I have got previously from peers. This link below shows the video feedback that I received.


The Feedback I got on my Front Page is as following:

  • On the left hand side of the page, instead of using the rectangular tool and filling it in, I mistakenly used text and then highlighted it with the colour black, which would essentially serve the same purpose. This did not prove to be true as it just made the text just about legible which looked extremely unprofessional.
  • The colour scheme of the page is very well done as it keeps a consistent red, white and black theme.
  • The image of the main cover star is too small and should be enlarged, her head should slightly go over the masthead.
  • The text on the right hand side of the page is good however the overall layout needs more development, lines could be used in between the text like the opposite side.
  • The masthead is overall very positive. The use of the letters overlapping looks very good.


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