February 8


These are the two adverts I have chosen to be in my music magazine. I have chosen both of them in connection with music, being headphones and speakers. The advert of Beats headphones have a much more direct link with Hip Hop as they were created by Dr Dre who is a Hip Hop legend, seeing as the genre of my magazine is Hip Hop, there is a very good connection between the two. It is also very closely linked to my magazine because of the name of the product being almost the exact same as the name of my magazine, however there is a difference of ‘s’ and ‘z’. Lastly, the colour scheme of the beats advert is the exact same as my front page which is red, black and white. Red is the most common occurring colour in my magazine, so it works extremely well visually having the advert and magazine of similar colours.

Posted 8th February 2018 by noahwhitmore in category Music Magazine

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