February 8

Design Skills 2

Following the working and editing on my front cover, my design skills have become advanced following the first few drafts of my double page spread and contents page.

It was enjoyable playing around with tools, one tool that became particularly effective was the drop shadow. I used this on my contents page to make the page more interesting, as well as using on the double page spread to make text look bolder and highlighted on the page. ¬†Firstly, I used it on the text ‘Macy J’, to make it stand out more on the page as her name should be highlighted, this is so that the viewer is aware of her status. It is used again on the ‘B’, to do the same job as the contents page, it makes the letter bolder, but also make the page more interesting, I did this because the feedback on the article page was that it was boring.

In my double page spread I found myself changing the masthead very often as it didn’t fit my genre of Hip Hop. I have now come to a masthead that I feel fits in really well with my magazine.

Although the text style is simple what really makes the masthead effective is the colour scheme. My double page spread is based on racism, more specifically police discrimination. This is highlighted by many Hip Hop artists as Hip Hop is generally a black industry. I have chosen the colour black for the words ‘hip hop’ to represent Hip Hop as being a black industry. The word ‘police’ is blue as the police are associated with the colour blue due to their blue uniform. I thought that this has worked really well in making the page more conventional and creating a better link to Hip Hop. This was all made through basic Indesign technical skills.


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