February 8

Penultimate Drafts

This is the penultimate draft of my front cover from my music magazine. I have made some vast changes to this page since my last draft, shown in the blog. One of the most important changes was going back into Photoshop and once again cutting out my model. I did this so that the edges were smoother and that the page looked more professional. Another change that I made which is probably the most noticeable is that I have made the model and the background black and white, I did this so that the red text and animation is much much more in contrast so that it stands out more. Due to the change in colour of the model and background to black and white, I changed the colour of the text accordingly. This is by far my personal favourite of the magazine, and I believe I am very near to it being finished.

My contents page since the start of this project has been my least favourite page as I felt it hasn’t really come together as something that looks like a professional magazine. This penultimate draft is still very similar to the previous draft, I have only organised it differently. There is still much I would like to add to this page over the coming days to get it to the stage I feel it is suitable.

My Double page spread has been very successful since the start of making my music magazine, however, there have still been major adjustments that I’ve had to make in the duration of this project.  Like my contents page this penultimate draft is very much like my second draft, the only real change I have made is the positioning of paragraphs and grammatical changes. I am really pleased with this page, however I wish to add an image to the article side to make that page more interesting.

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