February 8

Teacher Feedback and Final Targets

In evaluation of this feedback from my teacher.

Technical Production Skills:

  • There are only 3 images so far, there must be more than 3, so it is very important that I add another one.
  • Main star on the front cover needs to be feathered in photoshop as the edges are too rough.
  • Main cover line layout needs to be changed, this will make it clearer and more interesting as a page.

Magazine Conventions:

  • The contents page should include the colour yellow to match the yellow on the hat of the star.
  • On the front cover or contents page there should be a caption from my female star.

In terms of level of skill:

Looks like a magazine: In between level 4 and 3

Mise en scene in the photos communicate genre:  In between level 4 and 3

Layout and Page design is engaging: Level 3

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