February 13

So… How is it going?

So far I am really pleased with how my Music Magazine ‘Beatz’ has evolved since the start. I feel that my front page is really strong, it keeps a consistent colour scheme and I feel that the image is photoshopped well so that it looks at a professional level. I think this has been one of the most challenging factors of creating my magazine, it is such a lengthy process, especially when you have to cut around hair and jewellery. Since the start of making the front cover, the masthead has been really strong, in terms of it being bold and matching the genre hip hop. There has been a lot of work into placing the text and changing text styles, but now I feel at a point that it is at a suitable level.

I am still having trouble with making my contents page to an acceptable standard, since the start I have always had a solid page structure for each one of my pages other than my contents page, this is the reason I have struggled in making it. The masthead I feel is weak in comparison to the front page, and I need to spend more time cutting out the image or my model as so far it looks unprofessional and poorly edited.  I also feel that I need to add another image to make the page more interesting, I feel that it is quite basic and doesn’t convey my brand well enough.

I feel that my double page spread is also really strong. I feel that when I got the article into it, it made it easier for me to shape my page as I knew from the article what I wanted to portray, which was discrimination against black people by the police. I’ve always found writing one of my strong points, this was furthered by me having taken English as an A-level. Through this I feel my article for the double page spread is really good even if I do say so myself. The image that I chose to be on my double page spread contains leading lines which are a technical camera term which we discussed earlier in the year, I also feel that it captures the image of a hip hop artist which is what I was really trying to aim to do.



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