February 15

So, how did it go?

My magazine has most definitely improved since the start of it’s production, which I would most certainly expect due to the hours I spent evolving it. I feel that the best way of realizing this improvement is by looking at the difference between my 1st and final draft, and comparing them.

The difference between the two front covers are massive, I think that my final draft looks a lot more professional than my first draft. Reasons for this is how the model is cut out. I took a lot more effort into editing the image that I wanted to be on my front cover, I feel that now the image looks much more professional due to it looking cleaner. The biggest change I made to it was the fact that I made the image and background black and white, which I feel makes the red of the text and shaped stand out more, which looks really good as a page.

Posted 15th February 2018 by noahwhitmore in category Creative Critical Reflection Comp 1

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