May 27

Production Skills Evaluation 1

The design skills I have acquired so far in the creation of our music video are:

  • The progression of using design skills in Premiere when editing the video.
  • Framing while filming. (What particular angles and distances connote specific ideas)
  • Organisational skills at the shoot and prior too it.
  • Keeping continuity in our shoot. (this occurred in our first draft where pedestrians were seen in the video which is a huge continuity error)
  • To always take too many shots as opposed to too little as we often found ourselves with not enough footage in premier pro.
  • Make sure that the shot are always in focus before filming (unless done on purpose)
  • I have learnt to edit to effect, having the shot cuts to the beat of the song and increasing the tempo to the speed of the song.

These skills have advanced my knowledge of making a music video.

Below is a screenshot of the workplace in which we are editing out video. In this screenshot you can see the variety of layers and different effects used on different clips.

I feel that a truly significant asset to our editing is the use of ‘Warp Stabiliser’. Once we had transferred our clips from the camera to the computer, we noticed that a few of the shots were unstable and shaky which is not at all ideal. To rectify this we in fact had to use Warp Stabiliser which stabilises the shots extremely well and has proven to be very valuable.

You then have to drag this on to the clip you wish to stabilise and watch the magic happen. This was truly valuable to keeping it as a conventional music video.

Furthermore, me and Babul found the colour correction side to the editing is also truly valuable. We noticed this especially when looking at the performance side of the video where we are trying to create this grungy, rough and dirty scene taking into account the genre conventions. We used this colour editing to also create a contrast between the shots of Millie with a brighter, autumnal sense to it, contrasting the dark and gloomy colour correction of the performance shoot. This was connoted greatly once we re watched it after using these effects and we have noticed the importance of it.

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