July 13

Music Video Draft 4

Here is our draft 4 which we are extremely proud of. We have updated it and played around with it to a point where we are very pleased with what we are seeing. What we have changed is:

  • Added colour correction.
  • Added narrative.
  • A new close up and wide shot.
  • New reverse track.
  • Title at start of song.
  • Throwing cassette shot.
  • Locking door shot
  • Reaction shot
  • Pan up
  • Added slow motion on shot of Millie.
  • Above piano shot
  • Change of shot order.

After this feedback from our peers, we have come to the conclusion that our targets are:

  • The performance in the new wide shot is a bit weak as he looks unsure in what he’s saying.
  • Shot changes should be on time to beat.


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