October 13

Production Skills

During the process of creating our Digipak, there were skills that Babul and I really had to learn and adapt to. Most of this was done in Photoshop where we edited and manipulated the photos we had taken, this was done to not just make the image easier on the eyes, but also to fit the mood and genre that we were trying to connote. Firstly, for the front and back covers of the digipak we applied a filter on the image to create a darker and more rough feel to it, this was done through a black and white gradient map. In addition to this we applied a gradient fill as well as an exposure layer to give the image more exposure, this create the sense that the model was isolated which is a key theme to our digipak.

It was definitely extremely helpful having the template for a digipak already implemented on the page so we didn’t have to create the layout ourselves, which kept the design conventional to a digipak design. An accessory to this is having spines on the page, this was a small but very key part to our design, as the spine is seen first when being searched for in a shop. This meant that we had to be very thoughtful of what text style and size we would have showing the artists name and album name.

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