October 14

Evaluation of Shoot or Graphic Design

Babul and I spent a day out at cobo beach doing our first shoot for the digipak and website. We took a vast amount of photos and having looked at them, we now must evaluate whether they were taken well and if it was a successful shoot.

Firstly, I thought in terms of the shot types, we were hugely successful, we captured extreme long shots, long shots, mid shots and close ups. The distances we got of the model were done effectively, we also got a few different angles such as high angle and canted angle just to have a variety and see what is effective.

When we came to looking for images that would be suitable for our digipak, we quickly filled the front and back cover as well as the inside left panel, but then realised we did not have a suitable inside right panel image. Although we took a large range in distances and angles, we did not take into account the fact that all the images were very similar in terms of the scenery and look of it. Although this meant the photos were conventional to a genre as a group, it meant that the digipak would look too similar and boring.

Overall I felt this was a really successful shoot and by having a good amount of photos we could manipulate them in photoshop and come up with some really good images.

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