October 16

Digipack Draft 1

Front Cover

Left Panel Right Panel

Back Cover


Below is a screen castify by our Media teacher, reflecting on our work and pointing out what was done well and what could be improved.

Things that we did well:

  • Nice, fresh, nature feel to it, fits the genre.
  • Likes drop shadow on name.
  • Lovely picture for back cover.
  • Spines are good.
  • like heart shaped stone- play with exposure.

Points for improvement:

  • Make the star bigger.
  • Bit too plain for masthead.
  • Maybe change text on back cover so it’s not over model.
  • Text on spine don’t look centered.
  • Change size of text for masthead.
  • Inside right isn’t good, too much of model.
  • Play with stone.

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