October 19

Digipak Draft 2

Here is the second draft of our digipak:

Front Cover

Inside Left Panel

Inside Right Panel

Back Cover


  • Centred the text on the spine.
  • The masthead has been developed to a different font as well as being moved around with different sizes and letter spacing.
  • The text on the back cover has been re-positioned so it doesn’t cover the star.
  • The inside right panel has changed completely, where we’ve used the image of the stone and played around in photoshop to create a cool and quirky image.

We then took this second draft to our peers and had them take a look at it and evaluate what works well and what could do with improving.

Peer 1:

  1. The images suit the genre well, the dark done of the effect applied to it also creates the dark emotional feel to it.
  2. TheĀ  colours compliment each other.
  3. The positioning of the model is great.
  4. The image of the back cover looks a bit stretched.
  5. The text at the bottom of the text is a bit stretched.

Peer 2:

  1. The fonts are chosen well and suit the digipak.
  2. Colours compliment each other.
  3. The use of photoshop effects are done really well on the inside right panel.
  4. Possibly more colour correction on the back cover.
  5. The colour of the text on the back for the tracks should be changed to white to match the colour scheme of the front cover.

Peer 3:

  1. The colour of the sky and clouds on the inside right panel are done well.
  2. The drop shadow done on the masthead looks really good.
  3. Good colour palette choice.
  4. The artist name could be at the top of the front cover while the album name is at the bottom.
  5. Choose a different image to be on the left of the broken rock in the image in the left inside panel as it is too similar to the front cover.

To conclude I thought having this task of our peers analysing our digipaks was really useful as we could get another few opinions on what could make our digipak even better.

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